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Horizonte da Ajuda Building targetlink logo

Major Building

Development located on Rua Major Reis Gomes (next to the La Vie shopping centre), in the most modern and central area of the city of Funchal, a sophisticated real estate project is born, with the quality and attention to detail that have characterized us for over 20 years. This project has the assumption of centrality, sustainability, quality of construction and finishes.

"Atrium Piornais" Building

Finished Projects

The project has 54 T1 and T2 apartments, spread over two blocks with 8 floors each, assigned to a...

Alameda Formosa I Building

Finished Projects

Building built in 2010, in one of the noblest areas of the city of Funchal, next to the new Jardim dos...

"Atrium Barreiros" Building

Finished Projects

This development was built in 2005, in a prime area of Funchal, in Barreiros, next to Estádio do...

"Jardins do Oceano II" Building

Finished Projects

Development located in Caniço